Portals to Whyland

A YA portal fantasy series with adventure, friendship, romance, and humor.

Prequel Novella

You can read before or after the other books.

The Spell Speakers

Intro Novel

You can start the series with this book for a light read.

Ya novel Step Into Magic

First/Mid Book

Start the series with this book to dive straight in the action.

Kissing Magic cover

Final Book

Concludes the series after Kissing Magic.

within magic YA novel

Kingdom of Sand and Wishes

A Limited Edition of Aladdin Retellings

Some great authors with different takes on the tale of the lamp and the genie. 

Day Leitao has a novella in this collection; The Sphere of Infinity. 

A girl looking for freedom. A young man looking for dragons. They find each other. 

Teenage thief Alana finds the opportunity of her lifetime in a mission to collect a precious object. The problem: it's in the Ghost Ship, an abandoned alien vessel from where nobody has ever come out alive. 


About the author

Day was born in Brazil and has always loved to write stories. She's a Star Wars geek and lives in Montreal, Canada, with her son.