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Beta reader

Light developmental editing

An overall analysis of your manuscript, great for a first step before more detailed editing.

I'll look at your manuscript as a whole, and check things like:
- Is the beginning strong enough to hook the reader?
- Does the writing flow well?
- Is the dialogue natural and engaging?
- Are there any unnecessary parts?
- Is there anything confusing?
- In terms of grammar or style, what should you pay more attention to?
- Are there any parts that are not engaging? How can they be more engaging?

- Are the characters likeable/interesting?

- Does the plot progress logically?

- Can anything be expanded for more detail/cut for more punch?

- Are chapters ending on a high note?

- Does the book fulfill readers' tropes and expectations?(for YA and romantic fantasy)

- Are there any parts where the book loses narrative momentum? How can I fix that?

- Is the ending satisfying"

I believe books should keep the reader engaged, with a positive reading experience. A hooked reader is a reader who'll get to the end. A satisfying ending will make sure your reader gets your next book! 

I'll also provide a sample line edit, with some grammar correction, parts that need to be better phrased, and more. Comments will be in a separate sheet, with a few in-text comments and the line edit.

I write under Day Leitao and I like fantasy, sci-fi, romantic fantasy, and YA. I have a master's in English Literature, experience with my own books, and a good eye for plot. 

Not available at the moment, but you can message me for details. 



Let me know what kind of editing you're looking for, as well as the genre and length of your manuscript.

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