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Beta reader

Beta Reading

An overall analysis of your manuscript, great for a first step before more detailed editing.

I'll look at your manuscript as a whole, and check things like:
- Is the beginning strong enough to hook the reader?
- Does the writing flow well?
- Is the dialogue natural and engaging?
- Are there any unnecessary parts?
- Is there anything confusing?
- In terms of grammar or style, what should you pay more attention to?
-Are there any parts that are not engaging? How can they be more engaging?

I believe books should keep the reader engaged and I'll look for parts where it loses narrative momentum. 

I'll also provide a sample line edit. Comments will be in a separate sheet, with a few in-text comments and the line edit.

I write under Day Leitao and I like fantasy, sci-fi,  fantasy romance, and YA.  

Price: 0.002 per word

A 80k manuscript is $160.


PROMOTION: 0.0008 per word.


A 80k manuscript would be $64

Let me know what kind of editing you're looking for, as well as the genre and length of your manuscript.

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