The Eternal Dusk by Victoria J. Price Tour and Excerpt

Hey, everyone, today I’m super excited to be on the tour for The Eternal Dusk, book 2 in the series Daughter of the Phoenix, by Victoria J. Price. This is YA portal fantasy with angels, magic, and awesome characters. And this cover is absolutely gorgeous! Check our an excerpt below.

The Eternal Dusk by Victoria J. Price

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publication date: 22nd August 2020
Pages:  347

Angels are disappearing. Witches are gathering. An ancient darkness is rising. 

It’s been just over a month since eighteen-year-old Fia Aldridge has returned to Earth from the parallel world of Ohinyan.
She thought she’d be safe back in London—and that she’d be protecting her friends from Erebus, the ancient darkness that was calling to her.
But when she discovers angels are going missing at the hands of a local witch coven, she knows she has to find a way back to Ohinyan and warn her friends, even if it means Erebus will be waiting.
Little does she know, the darkness is about to be set free—and he’s only interested in one thing: finding Fia.

Find out what happens next in the thrilling sequel to The Third Sun: Daughter of the Phoenix Book One. A richly woven tale drawing on ancient myths and legends, bursting with adventure, elemental magic, angels, witches, shapeshifters and slow burn romance. Fans of Brigid Kemmerer, Laini Taylor and Sarah J Maas will devour this series.


Trigger warning: Themes of grief, loss and anxiety. Mild fantasy violence.


Excerpt of The Eternal Dusk, by Victoria J. Price


Erebus opened his mouth to speak but no sound came out. A moment later he realised he didn’t have a mouth yet—not here, not in this new place.

A roaring, rushing sound filled his ears. Darkness surrounded him like a pillar of smoke. The darkness was not unlike his prison, but then a rush of cool, crisp air hit him, and the pungent odour of fuel and refuse followed it.

He reached out to touch his face, but flesh had not yet formed over bone, and he watched his hands in fascination as the skin knitted over and over itself—smooth and youthful. The white tattoo Terah had inked onto him aeons ago snaked its way up his arm and across his chest. He flexed his wings as the pillar of smoke carried him higher—wings his father had fashioned in Gabriel’s image.

Erebus looked up, expecting to see a blanket of stars, but a soft glow from below concealed them. Beneath him sat strange brick buildings and metal vehicles—fast-moving lights flowing along intersecting ribbons of grey. Earth.

He thrust his wings wide, stretched out into the edges of his new body as it took shape—a replica of his old body, delivered to him exactly as it had been before his imprisonment. He ran his tongue along the edge of his teeth, pulled his fingers through his hair and felt a laugh build up in his chest and erupt from his throat. His own laugh. Such a peculiar sound—nothing like the voice he had fashioned for himself from the shadows.

The smoke began to disperse and beneath him were the smouldering remains of a tree, twelve dead angels and the body of a crone. Witches chanted and cheered, their batons pulsing above their heads as they called his name. These were not just any witches; these were his disciples.

The moment his senses returned to him; Erebus could feel it—the one he was looking for wasn’t here.

She’d already returned to Ohinyan.




Victoria lives in leafy Surrey, in the South East of England. She loves fairy tales, myths and legends, and grew up creating stories both in words and pictures. When she’s not writing you’ll find her exploring with her husband and their two dogs, searching for beautiful hidden places an

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