Welcome to Velvet, AZ by Sherry Rossmant blitz

Today I’m part of the blitz for Welcome to Velvet, AZ, by Sherry Rossman. It’s a YA fantasy sci-fi romance set after Thanksgiving! Check an excerpt below.

Welcome to Velvet, AZ
by: Sherry Rossman
Fantasy/Sci Fi/Romance
Darwin House Press


Welcome to Velvet, AZSummary:

For the past eighteen years, the town of Velvet has been under a holiday curse. For them, Thanksgiving is not about turkey and family. It’s about the Nightmares. This year, the curse arrives early—a full five days before Thanksgiving—sending a menagerie of characters on a search for answers. It begins with Boone, a seventeen-year-old who was raised by an ageless eccentric; Nick, a man in the midst of a breakdown; and Toni, a girl who won’t let any man get closer than three feet. As answers unfold, suspicions arise, and the power behind the curse is a surprise no one could have imagined.




From: Chapter One 
Boone/Saturday Night

My best friend is no girl next door. She’s a one-person parade sitting against
the antiquated phone booth, barely visible in the eight o’clock twilight. Gray
hooded coat, blood-red shirt ending in two violent points past her cuffs,
trying so hard to look like anything but the china doll inside.

Wait ‘til Toni sees what this town will offer her during the holidays. She’ll
think no more of her idle masquerade, poor girl. Unless she follows
instructions. But I know she won’t.

Maybe she’ll think more of me. On second thought, I may become the thing of her
nightmares. I’m the last person to want to mark her with that kind of fear.
Anything but that. I slow my stride, not wanting to startle her.

In a snap, a stream of light catches her. She springs to her feet, her eyes
squinting at the approaching headlights. Must be the new guy. He’s early.


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Sanarya Adnan

2 years ago


sanarya Adnan

2 years ago

Nice idea

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2 years ago

perfect town


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