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Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7775227-1-1
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-7775227-2-8

Cover illustrator: Natalia Sorokina (Jwitless)

The Dawn and the Prince (Kingdom of Curses and Shadows, #3)

The Dawn and the Prince

Kingdom of Curses and Shadows III

"Leitao created a vivid and original world that I found fascinating. I couldn’t wait to see what happened in each new place the characters went to and was excited when they returned to some of the places they traveled to in past books" One Book More

"- lots of action!
- two swoon worthy princes 😍
- some super cute love stories
- lots of snarky banter ( a must)
- lots of magic!!" Leah Loves to Read

"I came into this book having favourite characters but seeing how much they all grew in this book made me love them all." Paige by Paige Books

"The Dawn and The Prince has been an excellent conclusion to the trilogy." Bumbleebeela

"It's a beautiful story and I love how each of these books focuses on something different." Sophie's Reading Corner

"There was so much adventure and awesome girl power in this book." Crossroads Reviews

"The world building was truly immersive and I loved reading of the different settings of Gravel" The Chronicles of a Bookworm

"I can safely say that Larzen and Riadne (Riarzen?😁) became my favorite couple in the story, their banters,stubbornness and sense of humor made their interactions touching and emotional." Bookish Adventures of P

The games are over and the stakes are higher in this exciting conclusion of the Kingdom of Curses and Shadows.

Desperate to save her beloved and break the curses plaguing her land, Zora joins unlikely allies in a search for a way to defeat the the Shadow Kingdom. But when the dangers become much more difficult and the enemies much more powerful than she ever expected, she’ll have to find extra strength, resilience, and courage. And when everything seems lost, she’ll have to latch onto her hope. Hope and fury.

Kingdom of Curses and Shadows

Book 1: The Cup and the Prince
Book 2: The Curse and the Prince
Book 3: The Dawn and the Prince
Book 0: The Shadows and the Children, prequel short story


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