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The shadows and the children cover

An emotional YA short story that doesn't contain spoilers and stands on its own. The Shadows and The Children is the prequel to the series Kingdom of Curses and Shadows (The Cup and the Prince).

Zora learns the meaning of courage when an unexpected storm puts her face to face with shadow monsters.

Bonus scene

This is a bonus scene from A Cursed Son, and it's super spoilery! Make sure you've read the book before getting it. It's a scene from an alternate point of view. 


This is a prequel to the series Of Fire & Fae (Frozen Hearts and Death Magic) but it's super spoilery. Make sure to read it after you've read the duology. That said, it stands on its own. You don't need to have read the books to understand it.

It's YA. 

The Spell Speakers

This is a prequel to the series Portals to Whyland (Step into Magic and Kissing Magic). It stands on its own and doesn't have spoilers

It's lower YA/upper MG.