Books by Day Leitao

Heart, magic, and fun!

Frozen Hears and DEath Magic

Frozen Hearts and Death Magic

Love & drama

Twin siblings struggle with mysterious magical powers, forbidden love, and a war looming over their land.

iron hearts cover copy

Iron Hearts and Dragon Magic

Epic battles & heartfelt moments

Surrounded by danger on all sides, twins Naia and Fel need to come to terms with shocking revelations, understand their magic, and find a way to beat a dangerous, immortal foe.

Book 1

cup prince cover

The Cup and the Prince

A quirky YA romantic fantasy

Zora cheats her way into the royal games and faces opposition from two princes.

Book 2

The Curse and the Prince cover

The Curse and the Prince

The kingdom has more curses than one can counter

Former enemies unite to decipher ancient writings and fight dark magic.

Book 3

The dawn and the prince cover

The Dawn and the Prince

Can Zora keep her hope after everything?

The stakes have risen in this conclusion to the Kingdom of Curses and Shadows.

FREE prequel

The shadows and the children cover

The Shadows and the Children

Strength and courage against all odds

When creatures spawn, you fight or die.

Book 1 - intro

Step Into Magic by Day Leitao

Step Into Magic

Magic shoes to another dimension

Karina finds herself in a kingdom she doesn't understand, with no idea who to trust.

Book 2 - You can start here

Kissing Magic cover

Kissing Magic

Magic kisses and monsters

A kiss can break Sian's spell. Sian, the guy who had been their enemy and who says he's no hero.

Book 3

Within Magic YA novel

Within Magic

An emotional conclusion

Trying to open a portal, Karina faces sinister new enemies and finds herself trapped and powerless.

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The Spell Speakers

The Spell Speakers

An intro to Whyland

Young love blossoms in this cute novella where you can learn more about Darian, Cayla, Sian and Whyland.

Omnibus Edition

portals box set

Portals to Whyland

The three main novels

Get Step Into Magic, Kissing Magic, and Within Magic in one single book. Digital box set or omnibus paperback.

Sci-fi Standalones

The Sphere of Infinity small

The Sphere of Infinity

Aladdin in Space

A mission to recover a lost object in a mysterious alien spaceship brings more dangers than Alanna expected.

Star Spark - A Ya space fantasy

Star Spark

A space fantasy

Enemies on two sides are trying to find where they fit in a conflict, and their meeting will only complicate things.


Hook Them or Lose Them

Hook Them or Lose Them

A guide for writers

A short book on techniques to keep your writing engaging