Within Magic YA novel

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-7750637-8-0

Print ISBN: 978-1-7750637-9-7

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Within Magic

Portals to Whyland: final book

"Within Magic is such a heartfelt finale for Portals of Whyland! I love how this series just got better and better." Levicorpvs Blog

"This book, and the whole saga are totally recommended for spending a pleasant time, in a world surrounded by magic and wonderful characters." A Window to My Soul

"That was EPIC and AMAZING! There were some "OMG"moments but other that, Within Magic was the best ending for the series." Michaela on Goodreads

Stranded across dimensions, what will they do to reach each other? 

Troubled by dreams of Sian in danger, Karina finds a new portal. But instead of going to Whyland, she breaks the defenses against a sinister ethereal city, putting Whyland--and her friends--in danger. Not only that, she ends up trapped and helpless, in a place where even her mind is not safe. 

Sian has an impossible task: defeat the gigantic Maris king. A victory doesn't mean a ticket home, though. In his struggle, he'll come across magic more powerful than he ever imagined. 

Intruders in Whyland force Cayla and Darian to the Light Gardens, where more truths and secrets are about to be revealed, and where Darian has a chance to reconnect with his brother.

Old wounds are about to be opened—and cleansed. But the process might be painful. 

Get immersed in this action-packed, emotional conclusion to Portals to Whyland, recommended for teens 13 and up. 

You'll find adventure, romance, intrigue, revelations, and magic. Start reading it now!

Within Magic (Portals to Whyland #3)

Portals to Whyland:

The Spell Speakers - prequel novella with background info on characters

Step into Magic - first novel when Karina comes to Whyland. 

Kissing Magic - more adventures in Whyland. Can be read on its own or after Step into Magic.

Within Magic - Sequel to Kissing Magic