The Sphere of Infinity

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The Sphere of Infinity

An action-packed, romantic Aladdin retelling in space.

Alana's dream is to leave the poverty-stricken, government-controlled planet where she lives with her mother. But that's impossible when she can barely manage enough to eat. Her big chance comes in a well-paid mission to retrieve a golden sphere. The problem: it's in the Ghost Ship, a mysterious alien vessel abandoned for millenia. Nobody has ever set foot on it and come out alive. How will Alana manage it?

Meanwhile, Jasper has come to her planet to oversee the government. His real goal? To see the mysterious dragons--if they are still alive. 

Destiny brings them together and thrusts the fate of the Samitri Planet and the Human Universe in their hands. 

The Sphere of Infinity is a standalone YA Aladdin retelling novella. 


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