Meet the characters of Frozen Hearts and Death Magic + $15 gift-card giveaway

I can’t wait for you to read Frozen Hearts and Death Magic and get to know the characters in it. Characters are funny, sometimes they take off and take the reins of the story. With this book it’s no different. So check out this post to learn more about the main characters in the book. Also, scroll down to the bottom because there’s a giveaway.


naia chibi good


Naia is on the cover of the book, and she’s one of the main protagonists.

She’s an ironbringer, meaning that she has magic that can manipulate and move metal.

Her father raised her and her twin the same way, making sure they were both brave, self-sufficient, and independent, but only her brother is going to inherit the throne.

Naia wants more… and she wants love.



leah chibi good

This is the second protagonist of Frozen Hearts and Death Magic. In this book, different kingdoms have different types of magic, and one of those is necromancy.

Leah is still not great at it, but she doesn’t find the dead creepy. Creepy are her dreams.

As an only child, she has had an isolated life, finding companionship in books—not kissing books, those are forbidden.

She’s getting ready to get married, and as sole heir of an entire kingdom, knows that she has to choose with her head, not with her heart.

If only it were that easy…


fel chibi image


He’s Naia’s twin brother, and would do anything for his sister.

Physically, he’s different from most people. But what would be considered an impairment ended up making him an exceptionally strong ironbringer, with incredibly powerful magic.

The thing he hates the most is when people pity him.




river chibi imageHe’s a mystery. He’s a white fae, or Ancient, but his people have been vanished for almost 20 years, after a catastrophic war against the humans.

You’ll have to read the book to find out what he’s doing and why he showed up where he did, but he has a really cool story and his own challenges and struggles. Can’t wait for you to get to know him!


The lovely chibi illustrations were done by dhik.


That’s it. Join the giveaway because it has a poll and a fun question, plus you can support Frozen Hearts and Death Magic on Goodreads (if you want to).

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The book will be released on January 22nd and you can preorder the ebook at . Preorders for print will be available soon!



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Merrit Townsend

3 years ago

Hi Day! thanks for the chance to win the gift card!

Day Leitao

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Thanks for participating!

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3 years ago

This looks so good

Day Leitao

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Kristal Quinones

3 years ago

Can’t wait to read frozen hearts and death magic….

Z King

3 years ago

I am beyond excited for this book!!!👀 Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!🥰

sanarya Adnan

2 years ago

Can’t wait to cover this book


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