The Cup and the Prince Audiobook is out! Enter to win a copy.

The audiobook of The Cup and the Prince is finally out! The narrator is Marlies Dubois and she did a wonderful job with the casual, often playful and sarcastic tone of the narration. I’ll confess I’m not much of an audiobook listener–I have terrible audio memory–but I love to see my books coming to life! It’s so much fun. This book was specially fun because of all the back-and-forth dialogue.

I’m super thankful and happy to have Marlies in this audiobook! 🤗  And I can’t wait for you to listen to it.

To celebrate its launch, I’m giving out five copies. All you have to do is enter the giveaway below! Codes are distributed via or

You can get it now:

The Cup And The Prince Audio

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Nazaret Quintana

4 weeks ago

This is absolutely wonderful! I love doing immersive reading so I need this in my life!


2 weeks ago


Susan McKenzie

2 weeks ago

Thank you for a chance to win

Ishama Marium

2 weeks ago

I haven’t read The cup and prince but I do enjoy audiobooks!
Look forward to it ♥️


2 weeks ago

Thank you for the chance! I loved the book

Donna Swenson

2 weeks ago

No I have not read The Cup and The Prince. I hope I win the audio book. Thank you for this opportunity.

Karen Jones

2 weeks ago

I hope I win. I prefer audiobooks

Paul Tressler

2 weeks ago

I listen to audiobooks all the time

Catrina Pomerleau

2 weeks ago

Hello! I haven’t read The Cup and the Prince, but I love audiobooks, and I’d love to have to opportunity to listen to it!


2 weeks ago

Super hype for another audiobook!

Sharon Extine

2 weeks ago

Hi. Haven’t read your book yet but it sounds interesting. Thanks.


1 week ago

I love audio books, I do a lot of driving for work and the books keep me company! I already purchased the ebook in October, I do that with a lot of books do I can read and listen.

Laura Stockman

1 week ago

Haven’t read the book yet, so I hope I win! Thanks for the chance! 🙂


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