The Curse and the Prince, book 2 in Kingdom of Curses and Shadows, is out!

I’m super happy that The Cure and the Prince is out! Can’t wait for readers to dive into this book.

Book 1 had a sort of cliffhanger ending, so it was nice to pick up where it left off.

This book deepens the relationships and focuses on more characters. Many of the mysteries of book 1 come to light here, only to give way to even more mysteries. In some ways, this is a quiet book because characters got to know each other more, and they talk a lot! It was so much dialogue, but I felt it was necessary for them to get their feelings out in the open, confront each other, and really dig deep and open up.

Something that surprised me in this book was that a love story came out a lot sweeter than I had expected at first. It’s almost sappy. But it is what it is. Characters often take over. In this case, I was quite surprised.

There’s a lot that gets solved in this book, but it’s still book 2… There’s much more coming in the final book.

Now, one thing I learned is to never give such similar names to two books. Seriously, even the initials are the same! The Cup and the Prince and The Curse and the Prince sound almost identical. The covers are super different, so no risk of confusing there, but when it’s written, it can get confusing…

The Curse And The Prince Cover

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