The Folk of the Air by Holly Black video review and discussion.

Lots of people really enjoyed this series.

I enjoyed it to, and discussed it with my podcast colleague Mary. I podcast as Denise (Day is short for Denise).

We have a non-spoilery review followed by a spoiler-filled review and discussion of the books the Cruel Prince, The Wicked King, and The Queen of Nothing, by Holly Black, which is the series The Folk of the Air.

Personally what I love about these books is the idea of alternative families, and how family ties are not always blood ties. I also like it that the protagonist has her own darkness.

I find that these books are quite fast paced, but sometimes the fast pacing makes them lack some depth. I mention in the video how some author use the concept of scene and sequel, popularized by Dwight V. Swain. Some people may call it different names, but the idea is that, in fiction, there’s a scene, when things happen, then a sequel , which is a unit of transition where you get a reaction, or thought, about the scene.

One thing that’s interesting in most of the writing of Folk of the Air is that it’s often missing what you would call a sequel, so you’ll have units of action and things happening without a moment where the character stops to reflect upon them. In some instances, I found it jarring. That said, the books are super fun to read, with great pacing and momentum, and maybe the fact that it’s all action, action, action might help them be that way. It’s just an observation. I always enjoy looking at craft and what makes books interesting, unique, or, in some cases, boring (but I won’t write about that).

This was a fun video to do because I got to use so much amazing art! Thanks so much to all the artists who gave me their authorizations. You’re all the best!


The art in this video is by these amazing artists:


Anna Vee:



Valkyrie Art:

Mélanie Bourgeois:  (The thumbnail art is also hers)



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The Folk of the Air series


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