Within Magic Audiobook is Out!

Super happy that Within Magic, the final book in the YA fantasy series Portals to Whyland, is out in audiobook. Now you can hear the entire series!  ?

The narrator is Winona Owen, who also narrated Kissing Magic, bringing her passion and enthusiasm to the project. This audiobook has been ready since March, but unfortunately ACX, which is the company I use to distribute and produce my audiobooks, had tons of delays... Some of it maybe due to the specific situation we're living right now. But it's finally out!

What I like about Within Magic is how it brings new characters and settings to the series, while at the same time wrapping up the existing storylines.

Within Magic YA fantasy audiobook

I really enjoy Winona's pleasant voice. I wasn't super happy with the idea of giving accents to some characters. ?  It was too late to change, though. But I think people who aren't immigrants and who don't live with accent-based discrimination won't feel the same way I do.  It's tricky how our ancestry colors our opinions and perceptions. Next time I get an audiobook produced I'll ask that they do no accents, unless a character does have an accent. Nevertheless, the audiobook for Within Magic is really cool, and it's so much fun to listen to the book coming alive!

I feel that more and more audiobooks are a matter of accessibility, and also a way for busy people to enjoy books on the run. I'll try to get audiobooks done of most of my books, unless I feel that there isn't a demand. Star Spark, cough, cough.




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